Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Using Ukraine Situation To Shut down Dissent In The United States (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on Monday of this week was one of his best ever.

He outlined the strategy of Democrats to exploit the situation in Ukraine for political gain, by using it to silence their perceived enemies.

It was a long monologue but you can read some choice excerpts below.

Via FOX News:

Tucker: Defense of Ukraine’s democracy has led to an erosion of our own

No sane American approves of what Russia has done in Ukraine. We certainly don’t and we don’t know anyone who does.

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On Twitter, you see Democrats pretending that their political opponents are responsible for the invasion and somehow support it. So, Joe Biden and his staff so mismanaged the world that Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine after Biden told us for months he could prevent that from happening, and yet all of it is your fault. So, that’s a slanderous lie…

Adam Kinzinger thinks you’re a traitor if you’re worried about where this might go. “This breathlessness over nukes is mind-blowing,” Kinzinger wrote over the weekend— nothing bad will happen. And maybe nothing bad will happen, but something very bad could happen, and it could happen fast…

No one defended the riot on January 6th. We certainly didn’t. But history is written immediately for partisan ends. So then you take the hysteria ginned up over that event, some of it legitimate, by the way, people have a right to be upset, and you use that to purge the country of the Democratic Party’s political opponents.

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So what do they really hate? Well, listen to them. They hate populist politics. They hate populist politics in this country far more than they hate Vladimir Putin. So they’re using this opportunity, this war in Eastern Europe, to shut down domestic dissent in the United States and you’re seeing it as always in our allies first…

Again, if we’re going to protect democracy, that should start at home and democracy is defined, literally defined, by the tolerance of the regime for dissent. But no dissent is allowed.

Watch the whole thing below:

Why must Democrats try to turn every issue into a partisan game of moral superiority?

They deserve what’s coming in November.


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