Left wing writer Tariq Nasheed was on the Tucker Carlson show last night where he was asked to defend his claim that Trump’s cabinet is Nazi influenced. It was a ridiculous thing to suggest and Nasheed’s defense was even more silly.

Nasheed also didn’t like it when Carlson read from one of his books.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Art Of Mackin’ — Author FREAKS When Tucker Carlson Reads Passages From His Own Book [VIDEO]

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Author and racial activist Tariq Nasheed stopped by Monday’s broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about alleged white supremacists serving in Trump’s cabinet, yet berated the Fox News host for citing passages from Nasheed’s own book, “The Art of Macking.”

Nasheed — who writes on a variety of subjects including picking up chicks and the subversive nature of systemic racism — tweeted that Trump’s nominees include members of “a white supremacists [sic] sect that literally throw up Nazi salutes.”…

Later in the interview — after Nasheed accused Carlson of “tokenizing” Ben Carson — the Daily Caller founder read passages from Nasheed’s book, The Art of Mackin’, aloud for the audience.

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“I was just reading it today, it’s interesting stuff,” Carlson noted. “Chapter 6: Guaranteed Ways To Get Sex From Women.”

“In this chapter, I will give you tried and proven techniques that will help you talk a woman into giving it up,” Carlson quoted. “I will also give you precise rebuttals to every objection a woman may have to giving it up.”

Watch the video below:

People on the left keep exposing themselves for the crazies they really are.

It’s amazing!

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