TUCKER CARLSON: El Salvador Is Now Safer Than Many American Cities Like Baltimore (VIDEO)

During a recent monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson pointed out that the country of El Salvador, previously known for horrific violence, is now safer than American cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

Carlson began his monologue by roasting Kamala Harris for her recent trip to South America, where she talked about the need to fix problems in countries like Guatemala. What about the problems we have right here in the United States?

Violent crime is on the rise in many Democrat controlled cities. How much longer can we go on like this?

Here’s a partial transcript of Tucker’s monologue via Breitbart News:

People like Kamala Harris have a demonstrated record of dramatically improving everything they touch. Take a trip on Bay Area Rapid Transit sometime and you’ll see what we mean, which is not to say that transforming Honduras into Monaco will be effortless. A project like that could take weeks.

But no matter how long it takes, we have a moral responsibility to do it, because as Sandy Cortez learned during her recent undergraduate days at Boston University, we are the ones who made Central America crappy in the first place. It’s our fault. Everything is our fault, and especially this…

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But in the meantime, here’s an idea, kind of a random one: why don’t we fix the United States first? With a conversation with, all of people, the President of El Salvador not so long ago and he made that point.

We were in his country shooting a documentary on MS-13 and immigration. During that interview, the President pointed out that actually, it might make more sense for people on say the South Side of Chicago to apply for refugee status in El Salvador, not the other way around, because it is less dangerous in El Salvador…

In 2018, Baltimore had 51 murders per 100,000 people; the same year, San Salvador had a smaller number, 50 per 100,000. San Salvador was long, the most dangerous city in the hemisphere. Baltimore, by the way, also has a higher murder rate than Guatemala, Honduras and Afghanistan.

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So, why don’t people who live in Baltimore have a right to apply for asylum in Central America? Thanks to good leadership, El Salvador is getting safer. Meanwhile, thanks to people like Kamala Harris, our country is becoming far more dangerous.

Watch the whole thing below:

Tucker is an expert at asking questions the liberal media deliberately ignores.

Why are we concerned with the well being of countries in South America that are safer than some cities in our own country?


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