Tucker Carlson Exposes Massive Biden Family Corruption In Ukraine (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson has blown the lid off of what is quickly turning out to be a massive scandal on behalf of the Biden family in Ukraine when Joe Biden was vice president.

Tucker has obtained emails from a laptop computer which belonged to Hunter Biden. The laptop contains incriminating emails which implicate Joe Biden in a scam that enriched his son Hunter and it appears they used American foreign policy to do it.

The worst part for Biden is that this may be just the tip of the iceberg in a much wider scandal.

From FOX News:

Tucker Carlson: New emails reveal exactly what Burisma wanted from Joe Biden

n 2015, Joe Biden was the sitting vice president of the United States. Included in his portfolio were U.S. relations with the nation of Ukraine. At that moment, Vice President Joe Biden had more influence over the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian economy than any other person on the globe outside of Eastern Europe.

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Biden’s younger son, Hunter, knew that and hoped to get rich from his father’s influence. Emails published Wednesday by The New York Post, documents apparently taken directly from Hunter Biden’s own laptop, tell some of that story…

On Nov. 2, 2015, at 4:36 p.m., a Burisma executive called Vadym Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden and his business partner, Devon Archer. The purpose of the email, Pozharskyi explains, is to “be on the same page re our final goals … including, but not limited to: a concrete course of actions.”

It couldn’t be clearer what they wanted. Burisma wanted Huter Biden’s father to get their company out of legal trouble with the Ukrainian government. And that’s exactly what happened. One month later to the day, on Dec. 2, 2015, Hunter Biden received a notice from a Washington PR firm called Blue Star Strategies, which apparently had been hired to lobby the Obama administration on Ukraine. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” have exclusively obtained that email.

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Watch the two videos below:

The media has done everything it can to ignore this scandal but they can’t deny it any longer.

It appears Joe Biden used his position as vice president to enrich his family.

The American people will not forgive that.


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