Tucker Carlson: How Long Before Protests Like The Canada Trucker Convoy Come Here? (VIDEO)

For a few weeks now, truckers in Canada have been mounting an extremely successful protest against vaccine and mask mandates.

You know the protest is successful, because it’s driving people on the left absolutely crazy.

Justin Trudeau and other liberal Canadian officials have falsely accused the protesters of racism and every other ugly thing you can imagine.

In one of his monologues this week, Tucker Carlson talked about the movement and wondered if we will see the same thing in America.

FOX News provides a partial transcript:

Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. That’s from Karl Marx, of course. He wrote that famous phrase in 1848. The weird thing is, it’s pretty likely that Marx himself never met an actual worker.

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Wait a second. He didn’t spend a decade in a cotton mill, witnessing the oppression firsthand. No. Karl Marx never spent a moment in a factory. He was a rich kid who became a journalist. Of course he was. But for more than 150 years, Karl Marx inspired generations of other rich kids who also became journalists to repeat his line or variations of it.

Over time, workers became working men or working class and then with feminism, working people or working families, but the idea itself never changed. Ordinary people, wage earners, are getting shafted, so they’ve got to unite. They’ve got to come together for protection and for dignity.

This was the idea, of course, behind the organized labor movement, and every Democratic president from Andrew Jackson until now has made the very same point over and over again. “The noble people of Scranton…” You hear it even today. So, Democrats have repeated that line often enough. You would think they really mean it.

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Do they really mean it? Let’s take the test. Here’s how you know. Watch what happens when actual workers, working people from working families who constitute the working class, actually come together as a group to protest how things are going.

Watch the whole thing below:

Tucker makes some excellent points here, especially about the power of truckers.

Everything in your local store was once on a truck. If these men and women decide to stop doing their jobs, it would have a devastating effect everywhere. Our political leaders would be wise to remember that.


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