Tucker Carlson Points Out All The People Who Have Been Arrested Over Politics Under Biden (VIDEO)

When Trump was president, the left constantly accused him of being a fascist. Yet since Biden has become president, a lot of people have been arrested for little more than speaking out against him.

The list of people is surprisingly long.

Tucker has been broadcasting from Brazil this week but during one segment, he examined all of these curious arrests.

From FOX News:

The Biden administration has criminalized American politics

Here we go: January 27, 2021, days after Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Justice Department arrests a man called Douglass Mackey, known online as Ricky Vaughn. You heard very little about this, why? Because Douglass Mackey had extremist political views. But under the American system, it doesn’t matter if you have unattractive or unpopular views, your views are protected by the First Amendment.

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He was arrested, for what, a crime? No. For creating Internet memes that made fun of Hillary Clinton. But according to the Justice Department, those memes, “deprived individuals of their constitutional right to vote.” So he went to jail.

Then on February 3rd of the same year, 2021, the FBI raids the homes of Russell Taylor and Alan Hostetter. What did they do wrong? Well, they organized a lawful political rally on January 6, they even had a permit for the rally. Taylor also committed the grave offense of being seen with Roger Stone in the days before January 6. That’s now a crime too, not in a free country, but in ours.

Then on April 28, 2021, the feds seize the cell phones and computers belonging to the president’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. That didn’t used to be allowed. You can’t seize the records of someone’s attorney. Those are confidential lawyer-client communications.

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Now, at the time, we are told that Rudy Giuliani had done something illegal in Ukraine. The walls were closing in. He was never charged with anything like that because it was all fake. But they got his privileged communications anyway.

That’s not even the whole list. There’s more. Watch below:

The point that Tucker hammers home here is that this is all fundamentally un-American.

And the people who accused Trump of being a fascist are just fine with it.


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