Tucker Carlson Reviews The Disastrous Mueller Hearing: ‘Long Sad Spectacle’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson opened his show Wednesday night by reviewing the Mueller hearing and he did not hold back.

He pointed out that this entire show was a charade, and an expensive one at that. He also went off on Democrats for trying to distract from the country’s real problems.

Here’s a partial transcript via FOX News:

The real Robert Mueller has been exposed – and he’s not the superhero Dems portrayed

“Never meet your heroes,” the saying goes , “they’ll only disappoint you.”

Democrats across the country learned it the hard way on Wednesday when former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified on Capitol Hill. If you watch the other cable channels, you’re probably accustomed to thinking of Robert Mueller as a kind of progressive superhero sent here from on high to do battle with the diabolical “Mr. Orange” on behalf of the forces of light and justice.

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Hollywood literally produced a comic book about Robert Mueller. That’s how convinced they were of his power and goodness. Singlehandedly, Robert Mueller was going to save America.

And then came the long, sad spectacle of Wednesday’s hearings.

Here’s the actual Robert Mueller caught without his cape and mask, squirming under the cold light of television cameras.

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Not familiar with Fusion GPS. Well, it turns out that if you’re watching this show right now, you almost certainly know more about the Russia investigation than the man who led the Russia investigation. You know that Fusion GPS is the democratic oppo firm that paid Christopher Steele to produce the Trump Dossier.

Fusion GPS is the reason we’re talking about Russia right now. In fact, Fusion GPS is the reason we had a Mueller investigation in the first place. But of course, you knew that because you’re paying attention.

Watch the whole thing below:

Tucker is spot on with this monologue.

The Democrats are more obsessed with taking Trump out of office than they care about helping the American people.

Think of all the time that was wasted on this.


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