Tucker Carlson: Trump Was Right, Democrats Were Spying On Him (VIDEO)

The Durham investigation must have quite a few people in Washington worried right now.

More and more, it looks like the claims Trump made about Democrats spying about him were true.

Tucker Carlson made this the subjct of his opening monologue on Monday night.

FOX News provides a partial transcript:

If you watch Donald Trump closely over his four years in office, and we did, it became pretty clear that the more outlandish the claim that Trump happened to be making, the more likely it was to be true.

Trump did tend to exaggerate at times, but it’s mostly about topics that didn’t matter. How big was the crowd at his 2016 inauguration? Who cares? But on the big things, on matters of civilizational importance, Trump told the truth bluntly, often when nobody else would.

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The Iraq War was a mistake, Trump said. Illegal immigration is a disaster. China is taking over the world. Haiti is a pretty crappy place. Deafening hysteria followed every one of these demonstrably true statements.

At one point in early 2018, CNN and the Washington Post got so worked up trying to hide the obvious that they devoted blanket coverage to the claim that actually, Haiti is an awesome and fully functional country, a perfect spot for your next family vacation and, by the way, if you disagree with that, you’re racist. That’s what they told us.

Three years later, they have dropped the POWs, at least on Haiti. Our leaders now consider Haiti so awful that just being from there qualifies you for asylum in the United States. With Trump gone, they can finally admit that. What was once a dangerous conspiracy theory is now just a sensible observation, especially when it justifies more immigration.

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For four years, no dangerous conspiracy theory was considered more dangerous or more conspiratorial than the claim that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had spied on Donald Trump. The very idea that Hillary Clinton, of all people, had spied on anyone was preposterous. The media informed us only a lunatic would claim otherwise.

Watch the whole thing below:

The liberal media is trying very hard to ignore all of this.

That’s not going to last very long.


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