Tucker Destroys Jehmu Greene: “Why Do You Always Bring It Back To Race?” (VIDEO)

Oh, my! Tucker did it again!!

Tonight, he had on his show Jehmu Greene, who is running for Democrat National Committee chair.

They talked the Democrat Party’s failures.

They talked about why Hillary only got 37% of the white vote.

Mediate reported: 

Jehmu Greene, Fox News analyst and DNC chair candidate, faced off tonight with Tucker Carlson, who immediately confronted her about her recent reference to the “alleged” election. Greene brought up the Russian “attack on our democracy” and scolded Donald Trump for his attacks on John Lewis.

Carlson honed in particularly on Democrats losing white people and he confronted Greene about recent comments from an ex-Bernie Sanders spokesperson that “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic party right now.” . . . Carlson also brought up Hillary Clinton talking last year about white people needing to acknowledge their privilege and he wanted to know if that kind of talk is helpful for a party that didn’t do as well with white voters last year. Greene told Carlson he’s throwing out nuance in service of an attack and said, “I’m tired of these types of conversations.”

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Here’s the video:

Here’s an excerpt (from 9:00 minute mark):

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Tucker: “I was quoting Hillary Clinton and asking you what you thought of it and you started calling me names.”

Jehmu Greene: “I’m not calling you names.”

Tucker: “But you retreat immediately into talking points, so let me get specific and see if you can respond . . .”

Here’s the end:

At the very end, Tucker said, “This is not very impressive.”

Tucker is right!!

Democrats don’t have a message.

They don’t have a plan.

All Democrats can do is call people names.


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