Tucker Mocks MSNBC’s Joy Reid For “White Nationalist” Attack (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s far left host Joy Reid recently called Tucker Carlson of FOX News a white nationalist. She dug up a record about one of Carlson’s ancestors from Switzerland as if that was supposed to prove something.

Tucker fired back on his show.

News Busters reports:

Tucker Carlson Mocks Joy Reid’s ‘White Nationalist’ Attack, Talk of His Swiss Ancestor

On his Fox show on Monday, Tucker Carlson fought back against MSNBC AM Joy host Joy Reid for suggesting on Saturday that he’s a “white nationalist” and an immigration hypocrite, since he had a great-great-grandfather who came to America from Switzerland in 1860…

CARLSON: I didn’t even know that until Reid’s show aired because I have zero interest in the subject. That was more than 150 years ago. It is irrelevant to the decisions that I make as a father or as a citizen or an employee of Fox News.It tells us precisely nothing about our modern immigration policy. America’s economy has changed quite a bit since the Civil War…

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So, Joy Reid is accusing us of racism. Let’s pause for a moment and savor the irony of that. Reid’s entire public career has been built on race-baiting. Try to watch her show for 20 minutes and see for yourself.

This is the woman who urged the Democratic Party to give up on white voters who voted for Obama and then Trump, saying their votes weren’t worth fighting for. That was last August. In October, she suggested that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was somehow a bigot because he grew up around Irish Catholics.

Watch the video:

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MSNBC is such a sad excuse for a news network.


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