Tucker Must Be Winning: Liberals Tie Him To “White Supremacists” (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson has the top rated news show on the most watched cable news network so naturally, most liberals hate him. The liberal site VOX, which claims to explain the news to their readers, has produced a video which smears Tucker by associating him with white supremacists, which is ridiculous.

Polizette reported on this:

Left-Wing Outlet Smears Tucker Carlson as Favorite of White Supremacists

Far-left news website Vox published a video on Friday titled “Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson” — it is an absolute master class in intellectual dishonesty and media manipulation, according to several conservative influencers.

“This is stupid even for Vox, and that’s saying something,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center. “The argument is poorly done, and, while it complains about demagogues, it’s outright demagoguery. It attempts to blame Tucker Carlson because a few bigots like him.”

The video appears designed to give viewers the impression Tucker Carlson is associated with white supremacists, or at least shares viewpoints in any way linked to white supremacy.

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This becomes quickly clear once the Vox narrator starts explaining that the reason white supremacists supposedly love Carlson so much “is the way that Tucker talks about immigration.”

Here’s the VOX video:

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The fact that the left is attacking Tucker just means he’s doing something right. If he wasn’t having any impact, there would be no effort to discredit him.


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