TV Networks Give Fake Trump Controversies Twice As Much Coverage As Obama’s Iran Payoff

Obama Iran payoff

The liberal media is on a mission to take down Donald Trump and is more than willing to ignore real news in the process. The Obama administration has been accused of paying a ransom to Iran but what do the networks want to talk about? You get one guess.

NewsBusters reports:

Networks Gave Trump Controversies over 2X the Coverage of Iran Payment Wednesday Evening

When it comes to deciding between covering the many controversies of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the Obama administration’s secret $400 million cash payment to Iran, all of the “big three” networks devoted vastly more total time to the former, Wednesday evening. Between ABC, CBS, and NBC they contributed a whopping 13 minutes and 46 seconds to Trump, while only giving the lump sum payment to Iran 5 minutes and 12 seconds of airtime.

Most of the network coverage of Trump during that time was spent reporting on party division, and hyping up a “civil war” within the GOP, as NBC reporter Hallie Jackson put it on Nightly News. “Prominent members of the GOP are abandoning Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton, and party elders are warning he is running out of time to get his campaign on track,” declared fill-in anchor Charlie Rose on CBS Evening News.

ABC’s Cecilia Vega’s report, on World News Tonight continued to drag out claims that Trump blames women for sexual harassment. “Suggesting that the victim is the one who should leave the job,” reported Vega after quoting Trump saying, ““I would like to think she [Ivanka Trump] would find another career or find another company if that was the case.””

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In contrast, CBS and NBC’s reports on the Obama administration’s payment to Iran tried to play it down. During her report on CBS, Margaret Brennan seemed to go to bat for the administration by making their argument for them, “Administration officials say they were simply returning money that had been tied up in a 35-year dispute which the president addressed earlier this year.” Rose claimed that Trump and Republicans were merely trying to “capitalize on a report”

NewsBusters offers this video as an example:

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Bear in mind, these are the same people who are going to moderate the presidential debates.

They sure seem fair, don’t they?



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