Two Democrat National Convention Delegates From Vermont Excluded For Being Men

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You read the headline right. Two men who were Vermont delegates to the Democrat National Convention have been officially excluded just for being men.

WCAX reports:

2 Vermont DNC delegates excluded due to gender

Two elected Vermont delegates to the Democratic National Convention, barred because they are men, have filed a formal complaint with the convention’s credentials committee.

The national party earlier this month ordered the state party to replace State Sen. Tim Ashe and longtime party stalwart Ken Dean with women to achieve gender balance.

Dean and Ashe were elected as delegates on June 11. But on July 5, the state party was ordered to remove them and replace them with women, which it has done. Both Ashe and Dean – as well as the women replacing them – support Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Dean says the real imbalance was not with elected delegates, but so-called superdelegates, who are elected officials and party leaders. Eight of 10 Vermont superdelegates are men.

This is what progressivism leads to. They’re so obsessed with fairness that they will make a situation completely unfair in the name of fairness.


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