Two Never-Trumpers Resign From FOX News Blaming Tucker Carlson – But There’s More To The Story

Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes are both high-profile never-Trump conservatives who have appeared on FOX News as contributors for years.

This weekend, they both resigned from FOX and blamed their decision on Tucker Carlson’s documentary about January 6th.

The liberal media was all over the story.

NPR reported:

2 Fox News commentators resign over Tucker Carlson series on the Jan. 6 siege

Two longtime conservative Fox News commentators have resigned in protest of what they call a pattern of incendiary and fabricated claims by the network’s opinion hosts in support of former President Donald Trump.

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In separate interviews with NPR, Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg pointed to a breaking point this month: network star Tucker Carlson’s three-part series on the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol, which relied on fabrications and conspiracy theories to exonerate the Trump supporters who participated in the attack.

“It’s basically saying that the Biden regime is coming after half the country and this is the War on Terror 2.0,” Goldberg tells NPR. “It traffics in all manner of innuendo and conspiracy theories that I think legitimately could lead to violence. That for me, and for Steve, was the last straw.”

There is more to this story, however. Buried at the bottom of a Mediaite story was this detail:

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A Fox executive said the network had no intention of re-signing Steve Hayes or Jonah Goldberg when their contracts came up in 2022.

In other words, they tried to make this look like it was all about principle, but their contracts weren’t being renewed anyway.

Tucker Carlson also had the last laugh. Look at this:

People on the right are tired of hearing only never-Trump Republicans in media.

They have been over-represented for years.


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