Two People Hospitalized After White Powder Sent To Houston Campaign Office Of Ted Cruz

This is terrorism, plain and simple. The FBI has gotten involved and hopefully, they will catch the people behind it. It is amazing how this election cycle has brought out the absolute worst in some people.

FOX 32 in Chicago reports:

Two people rushed to hospital after suspicious package sent to Ted Cruz’s office

Authorities say that two people were taken to the hospital after apparently being exposed to a white powdery substance at Senator Cruz’s office in Houston on Tuesday.

The entire 9th floor of the Phoenix Tower off of the Southwest Freeway was evacuated just before noon. HFD HazMat responded to the scene to determine the nature of the substance. All tests were negative for any hazardous substance, and an evacuation order was lifted at 12:41 p.m. Tuesday.

The FBI announced that they are now taking over the investigation into the incident.

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They don’t see this here every day, but they do see it often enough.

“We’re used to the fire trucks coming for false alarms and we always hear the fire trucks go by even on the 21st floor. It’s really loud,” said office worker Nathan Milsaps.

But this time it was different. This time they shut off the elevators and told everyone to shelter in place. The curiosity and the tension grew.

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“We were kind of worried because it took so long and we didn’t have a lot of info so we were sitting in our offices going ‘ok, what’s next?'” said coworker Sharon Grimes.

Democrats and the media have created an environment where some people feel emboldened to do things like this. Will they ever take ownership of it?


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