TYRANNY: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Threatening To Freeze Bank Accounts Of Protesting Truckers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going after the Freedom Convoy protesters viciously.

He is actually working with banks and threatening to freeze the accounts and assets of the protesters if they refuse to back down.

Some liberals are actually cheering this on. Can you even imagine the reaction if Trump had done something like this to BLM protesters?

Breibart News reports:

Canada Police to Send Names of Trucker Protesters to Financial Institutions

Canadian banks will receive the names of people involved in “Freedom Convoy” protests that have descended on the nation’s capital, a first step in a promised financial crackdown on demonstrators being instituted by the far-left government of Justin Trudeau.

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Bloomberg reports the Canadian Bankers Association confirmed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has alerted banks to a list of names and made it available.

The institutions are reportedly still seeking clarity from law enforcement on how to handle the alleged protesters’ accounts, according to people familiar with the matter. But Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said some accounts have already been frozen, the news outlet reported.

Under the Emergencies Act invoked by this week by Trudeau, law enforcement officials have the ability to arrest people for obstruction of roadways and disruptive behaviour within a no-go exclusion zone. They also have the power to seize vehicles and freeze the same bank accounts.

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Conservatives were quick to accuse Trudeau of embracing to emergency powers and of freezing bank accounts without evidence of extremist activity.

These are the actions of an authoritarian thug.

Trudeau is a disgrace to his office.


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