Tyrant Andrew Cuomo Outraged That New York Police Won’t Enforce His Rules For Indoor Gatherings

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is throwing his weight around with COVID rules again.

With Thanksgiving approaching, Cuomo is saying that families shouldn’t hold gatherings of more than ten people.

The police in New York won’t enforce Cuomo’s rules, and who could blame them?

What are they supposed to do, knock on random doors and arrest people on Thanksgiving?

The Daily Caller reports:

Gov. Cuomo Slams New York Police For Not Enforcing Indoor-Gathering Restrictions

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized New York state law enforcement for refusing to enforce the governors mask mandate, and refusing to enforce the governors mandate on 10 person limits for indoor gatherings, the New York Post reported.

“A lot of police officers don’t wear a mask … well, how are you then supposed to enforce other people wearing a mask when they see you not wearing a mask?” Cuomo asked, the New York Post reported.

The governors criticism is mostly in response to a handful of county sheriffs in the western part of New York who have responded by stating they won’t be enforcing the governors indoor cap of 10 people for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Here’s a video of Cuomo throwing his little tantrum:

Note how Cuomo says he doesn’t like the idea of not enforcing laws you don’t agree with.

Someone should ask him if that rule applies in matters of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

His answer might be a little different.


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