UH-OH DEMS: Hillary Clinton is Losing Support Among Hispanic Voters

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Democrats and their media allies have been saying for months that Trump will never get support from Hispanic voters and that Hillary will win their votes overwhelmingly. It looks like that’s beginning to change.

Powerline reports:


Will Donald Trump’s pivot on immigration and his trip to Mexico change the way Hispanic voters view him? I don’t know. But quite apart from anything Trump is doing, Hispanics view Hillary Clinton less favorably than they did earlier this year.

According to the Washington Post, a new Latino Decisions poll found that 70 percent of registered Hispanic voters say they will definitely vote for Clinton or were leaning towards doing so. That’s not a bad number, but it’s down 6 points from April.

Moreover, the same survey found that only 55 percent of Hispanics view Clinton favorably. That’s down from 71 percent in April.

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The poll indicates that the decline is Clinton’s favorability rating has not produced a corresponding movement away from Clinton in favor of Trump — presumably because Trump is so unpopular among Hispanics. Imagine if the Republicans had nominated a more palatable candidate who took the same position Trump now holds on dealing with illegal immigrants.

But the poll also suggests that Trump has an opening — one that his new position on immigration might help him exploit, the dishonest portrayal of that position by the mainstream media notwithstanding.

Clinton, though, is not going to stand still when it comes the Hispanic vote. According to the Post, unlike the 2012 Obama campaign, Team Clinton has not been airing Spanish language ads in battleground states. However, this is about to change, with ad buys now slated to target Hispanic voters in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.

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That could spell some trouble on election day.


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