UH OH: Megyn Kelly Is About To Lose Her Time Slot At NBC

Megyn Kelly’s new show has struggled in various ways since its launch. She has had ratings problems as well as controversies over comments. Now the network is thinking about changing her time slot which is not a good sign.

The Business Insider reports:

NBC might swap Megyn Kelly’s struggling show with Kathie Lee and Hoda

After months of low ratings, NBC is considering pushing Megyn Kelly’s morning show to a later time slot, Page Six reported.

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Sources told Page Six “Megyn Kelly Today” could be pushed an hour later and replaced by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb’s hour of the “Today” show to fix low viewership in the later morning hours.

“It’s the smart move,” an anonymous source labeled as an “insider” told Page Six.

The former Fox News host has struggled to attract viewers since her NBC premiere in September 2017 and opened to wide criticism and disappointing audience numbers that were lower than both her previous viewership and other hosts in the same time slot on similar channels.

Page Six previously reported Kelly’s audience was down 32% from the previous year and was affecting viewership for the later hours of the “Today” show.

But recent Nielsen data is tracking Kelly’s show up 5% in total viewers month-over-month. A network source told Page Six the rumored swap was “just another ‘timeless’ rumor about Megyn Kelly.”

Where will Megyn go if this show gets cancelled? MSNBC?

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