UNFAIR! Reddit Is Censoring Its Community of Donald Trump Supporters

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The Donald Trump community on the internet mega-site Reddit is huge. In fact, it’s one of the biggest political sub-Reddits on the entire site. Now we find out that the administrators of Reddit are censoring these folks.

BGR reports:

Reddit is censoring the pro-Donald Trump community

Any conversation about the alt-right and the internet always seems to spiral back to Reddit and /r/the_donald, a the unofficial water cooler for Trump supporters during the election and after it.

Users and mods of /r/the_donald have tread a fine line between enthusiastic support for a political candidate and online abuse, which has caused all sorts of problems within Reddit. Following some serious internal drama that you probably don’t care about, Reddit is now “taking a more proactive approach to policing behavior that is detrimental to Reddit:” removing stickied /r/the_donald posts from Reddit’s main page.

In a blog post, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman announced two major actions. Stickied posts from The Donald, those that appear at the top of a subreddit’s page, will no longer appear in /r/all. That’s a page that shows users the top posts from across Reddit, rather than just subs they’re subscribed to. It would be like Google de-listing a page from search results: it’s not explicitly censoring content, as you can still find it if you know where to look. But for casual users of Reddit, removing a subreddit from /r/all dramatically decreases that sub’s general reach.

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In addition, Huffman also said that Reddit will take action against hundreds of its “most toxic users,” with actions ranging from warnings to permanent bans.

This is unfortunate but not surprising.

The site’s forum for general politics is a left-wing cesspool.


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