UNHINGED: Yale Professor Claims Trump’s Response To Pandemic Is ‘Close To Genocide’

Yale University professor of epidemiology Dr. Gregg Gonsalves recently said on social media that Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic is ‘close to genocide.’

Not only is that an insane thing to say, it’s incredibly irresponsible and not what you would expect from an Ivy League professor.

Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University wrote about this on his blog:

“I Am Being Serious Here”: Yale Professor Denounces Trump For “Genocide” In Response To The Pandemic

In the last three years, various experts have made what they called dispositive cases for crimes by President Donald Trump ranging from hate crimes to treason to inciting violence. Now Yale University Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Gregg Gonsalves is adding genocide.

Gonsalves is upset with what he views as the “delayed” response by the Trump Administration to the pandemic. That is certainly a legitimate viewpoint that is shared by many and people of good faith can disagree on when the Administration should have acted. However Gonsalves insists that such a failure to respond a couple weeks earlier is “awfully close to genocide.”

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It is is neither genocide nor close to genocide, but Gonsalves later doubled down to make sure that people understood that this is not just hyperbole but he was “being serious here.” He further suggests that this genocidal strategy could be tied to killing minority voters before the election. Gonsalves has appeared widely as an expert in coverage by CNN, NBC, Politico, Foreign Policy magazine, The Washington Post, and other media outlets.

See the tweets below:

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This is a Yale professor of science? He seems insane.


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