University of Central Florida’s ‘Diversity’ Administrator Says Trump Supporters Not Welcome On Campus

This news is shocking and maddening. One has to wonder if what this administrator is saying is even legal. Since when can people be banned from a university campus based on which politicians they support?

Red Alert Politics reported:

UCF’s new ‘Diversity Chair’: Trump supporters are not welcome on campus

University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Student Government Association (SGA) just appointed a diversity chair who believes that “Trump supporters are not welcome on our campus.”

The newly appointed Diversity Chair, Grayson Lanza, is a known progressive who has a history of making those with differing opinions feel unwelcomed.

Daniel Hanna, a UCF student who voted for Donald Trump, told the Knightly News about a run-in he had with Lanza during a Trump rally last year.

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“When we started debating politics, I eventually said ‘you know the great thing about this country is we can both differ regarding political views but we can openly discuss it… Then I offered him a handshake.’ He said ‘I’m not shaking your hand, I do not tolerate you and you are not welcome here,’” Hanna recalled.

According to Florida Today, Lanza held a protest sign at the Trump victory rally in December which read, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA.”

Lanza’s confirmation to Diversity Chair comes on the heels of the same SGA turning down Karis Lockhart, the former UCF College Republican Chairwoman, for the position of Governmental Affairs Director. Lockhart believes she was turned down because of her conservative values and affiliation with the Republican party.

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Can you even imagine the outrage that would have followed if anyone at any college had said this about Obama supporters? It would never happen.



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