Jerry Falwell Jr. appeared on FOX News Sunday where he had some uplifting words about America, Trump and the future.

Newsmax has the details:

Falwell Jr.: Trump ‘Gamble’ Has Brought ‘Hope, Good Spirit’

Despite some of President-elect Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, never wavered in his support for the GOP nominee because he was for the working class, “was a good man,” and we were not electing a “pastor-in-chief.”

Trump’s election has worked out, Falwell Jr. told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“My wife’s noticed as she’s done her Christmas shopping, more of the retailers are saying ‘Merry Christmas,'” Falwell Jr. told Wallace. “There’s a new hope, an optimism. There’s a good spirit in America.

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“And I think that’s coming from [Trump’s] lead.”

Falwell Jr. admitted he took a leap of faith in being unwavering in supporting Trump during this election.

“It was sort of a gamble because I didn’t know where he’d come down on all the issues, but because I believed he was a good man, I believed he would come down on the right side of the issues, and he’s done that in the last year and I’ve been proud of him,” Falwell Jr. said. “It was a big risk for me, but so much was at stake, I just couldn’t afford to stay silent.”

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Here’s the video:

He’s right!

People of faith feel like we have a new champion. Someone who will stand up against political correctness. Someone who will stand up against Liberal hypocrisy.

And Trump wants to keep it that way.

He’s been calling pastors thanking them for the support.

Watch (via Fox & Friends):

It’s a new day!

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