Upset Bernie Fans Are Mounting Two Efforts To DENY HILLARY THE PRESIDENCY

Wow! Bernie Fans are still upset by the rigged Democrat primary

And they’re not going away. Bernie Fans are mounting two separate campaigns to deny Hillary the Presidency.

The first is the write-in vote. It’s organized on Twitter under #WriteInBernie. Bernie Fans are focusing on California, where Bernie won 46% in the state primary. They’re encouraging Bernie Fans to write-in Bernie on the California ballot.

Here’s a report from Inquisitor on the effort: 

“California has almost twice as many registered Democrats as they do Republicans and over four million registered voters who have no party preference established with the state. KCRA reported this summer that almost half of all independent, vote-by-mail voters wanted to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate, but only 15 percent requested the correct ballot that would have allowed them to vote in the California primary election. KCRA reported that most of those independent voters who were left out of the primary wanted to vote for Sen. Sanders . . . Should Clinton lose California to either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, she could drop below the 270 electoral vote threshold.”

They even have a website –


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That leads to the second effort, organized under #OpDeny270 on Twitter:

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They want to deny Hillary 270 electoral votes however they can.

A lot of Bernie Fans are still very upset with Hillary.

Actor Randy Quaid switched from Bernie to Trump, as reported here.

Black Bernie supporter Brunell Donald-Kyei switched to Trump, as reported here.

Bernie Fans on the street are voting for Trump, as reported here.

Even if Hillary wins, she won’t have the support of Bernie Fans. And she won’t have the support of Trump supporters. That means she’ll have support of only 30 percent of Americans.

Can Bernie Fans stop Hillary?



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