Useless Journalist At White House Lectures Surgeon General, Implying He Said Something Racist (VIDEO)

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, a taxpayer funded outlet, wasted the American people’s time during the White House Coronavirus presser on Friday.

The Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, who is African American, used some harmless language that Alcindor didn’t like and she used one of her questions to imply that it was racist.

News Busters has the transcript:

Jerome Adams: Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and call your friends and family, check in on your mother, she wants to hear from you right now and speaking of mothers, we need you to do this, if not for yourself, then for your abuela, do it for your grand-daddy, do it for your big momma, do it for your pop-pop.

Yamiche Alcindor: You said that African-Americans and Latinos should avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. You also said do it for abuela, do it for big mama and pop-pop. There are some people already — there are some people online that are already offended by that language and the idea that you’re saying behaviors might be leading to these high death rates. Could you talk about whether or not people — could you — I guess, have a response for people who might be offended by the language that you used?

Watch the video:

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The time between the Surgeon General’s comment and Alcindor’s question was a matter of minutes, which means she must have obsessively scrolled through Twitter to find someone who was offended by the remark:

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These journalists are not serious people and they waste valuable time.


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