Valerie Jarrett Goes ALL CAPS at Marine Calling Out Her Lack of Respect For Military

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett recently tweeted something about thanking the ACLU and got called out by a Marine for her lack of the same respect for our military. She didn’t like the response so she reacted angrily with ALL CAPS.

Twitchy has the story:

Holy mother of unhinged! Valerie Jarrett SCREECHES at marine for calling OUT her lack of respect

Remember when a bunch of people who disliked America and disrespected our military forces ran the country for eight years? Otherwise known as the Obama administration?

Well, seems that even now that Obama is out of office, his ‘co-horts’ are still crapping all over our good men and women in uniform.

Here’s Jarrett’s tweet:

Here’s the reply that set her off:

Here’s how she responded:

There were more responses:

Thank goodness the Obama administration is out of power!


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