Varney: ‘Not Truthful About Her Minority Status’ Elizabeth Warren Went After ‘Genuine Minority’ Ben Carson (VIDEO)

Stuart Varney went on Fox and Friends to talk about the dust-up between Elizabeth Warren and Ben Carson.

At Ben Carson’s confirmation hearings, Elizabeth Warren took a bizarre line of questioning.

She wanted to know about Trump’s business interests and what Ben Carson would do about it.

Ben Carson said “it would not be my intention to do anything that would benefit any American.”

Good answer!

Today, Stuart Varney pointed out the ridiculousness of the exchange.

Watch (via Fox and Friends):

From the video:

Stuart Varney: “Step back a second. This is Senator Elizabeth Warren who was not truthful about her minority status when she got a job as a law professor. She owns a couple of very nice houses in Massachusetts. And she’s going after a genuine minority – Dr. Ben Carson – who has some experience of housing insecurity in his youth!”

Wow – perfectly put!

Go, Stuart!

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