Varney On Trump In New York: “DRAIN THE WASHINGTON SWAMP From A Distance” (VIDEO)


Today, Varney talked about the stream of visitors to Trump Tower in New York. Some of them will bein Trump’s Cabinet.

But there’s something else going on.

Something more important.

Watch Varney say what it is:

From the video:

Stuart Varney: “Donald Trump is using his New York residence to drain the Washington swamp from a distance. No Washington lobbyists in his team, he says. Speaker Ryan says no – we’re not going back to those infamous earmarks. But what’s really got this city buzzing is the news that President Trump may spend a lot of time here. Can you imagine? The President of the United States holding forth from a glass tower slap-bang in the middle of America’s biggest city . . . Trump Tower: White House North?”

Will Trump Tower become “White House North?”

That’s one way to be sure the lobbyists don’t get too cozy with the Trump Administration!

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