Veterans Start Overnight Guard To Protect Memorial Crosses Removed By Atheists (VIDEO)

The attack on Christianity continues. 

This time, the battlefield is a town in Minnesota.

Fox 9 reports: 

“A Belle Plaine, Minnesota veterans memorial now has a daily security detail, as veterans advocates aim to push back on a city decision to remove part of a statue.

The City of Belle Plaine and the city’s veteran’s club agreed to remove a cross from the statue, after receiving a complaint from the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The foundation says the display violates the separation of church and state.

 The memorial in question is a silhouette of a soldier kneeling at the grave of a fallen comrade. The headstone he kneels before is a cross. ‘The cross represents a grave marker,’ said Albert Koepp of the Belle Plaine Veterans Club. ‘I never thought anything of it.'”

Here’s a picture of the original memorial:

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Here’s a video report (via Fox & Friends):

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Now, there are makeshift crosses in place of the cross that was removed.

And veterans are showing up to protect them.

From the Fox 9 report: 

“By Sunday night, there were 18 wooden crosses where the one used to stand. ‘People started vandalizing them, destroying them, making them disappear,’ explained ‘Wrong House’ of the Second Brigade Motorcycle Club. ‘It’s not about religion. This is what our soldiers do out in the field—it’s about our veterans.’

The motorcycle club arrived at the park Sunday, following a call from Jeff Hom of Apple Valley. Hom is member of the Patriot Guard Riders and spent a few nights alone in the park, hoping to protect it from further vandalism.”

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