Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Anti-Trump Figures Now Facing Boomerang Effect, Will Be Called To Account’ (VIDEO)

Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative scholar who truly understands the Trump phenomenon and why he was elected. He is also one of the people who has described the deep state attack on the Trump campaign as a coup.

During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham show this week, he talked about how the entire narrative has now shifted and how many anti-Trump figures are now going to face the music, so to speak.

From FOX News:

Victor Davis Hanson: Anti-Trump figures could face ‘boomerang effect’ as Mueller probe concludes

Anti-Trump figures may soon face scrutiny in a “boomerang effect” after the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, political commentator Victor Davis Hanson said Wednesday.

Those soon facing trouble could include former FBI Director James Comey, his onetime deputy Andrew McCabe, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, and others — instead of officials within President Trump’s orbit, Hanson claimed on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

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“I think the Mueller story is pretty much through, and it’s kind of like a boomerang effect,” Hanson said. “Now we are going to see that the people who were instrumental in subverting the Trump campaign and transition and indeed the presidency are going to be called to account.

“We heard these walls are closing in,” Hanson continued, “but it’s going to act in reverse. So, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, [Justice Department official] Bruce Ohr and his wife — they are facing criminal referrals or likely criminal referrals.

“This is going to be a slow, drawn-out process all the way to the 2020 election,” he added.

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Watch the video:

Hanson touched on this in a recent column.

From American Greatness:

The 2020 News Cycle Will Look Very Different

The Russia collusion narrative and associated Robert Mueller hysteria are all but over.

Mueller’s obstruction of justice narrative involving the non-crime of collusion is ending, too.

Donald Trump’s tax-return psychodrama is going the way of the Emoluments Clause, the Logan Act, the 25th Amendment and the comical in-house coup attempt of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

What takes the place of Mueller and “the noose is tightening” bombshells? Perhaps the new narratives involving Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FISA abuse, or Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion probe—far quieter, far more serious.

The media for three years obsessed over a false “Trump did it” story. But in the next 17 months, the storyline may change from the myth of the “walls are closing in” on the president to the reality that Obama-era officials committed serial felonies—from perjury and lying to federal officials, to leaking classified documents, spying illegally on a political campaign, deceiving a FISA court, and obstructing justice.

Hanson is a wise man and he is right about this.

The next couple of years are going to look very different than the last two.


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