Victor Davis Hanson Explains The Only Thing That Will Make Biden Shut The Southern Border (VIDEO)

The Biden administration is suddenly looking for volunteers to help secure the southern border.

Tucker Carlson recently discussed this with conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson who offered a few thoughts on what’s really happening here.

Hanson suggested that Democrats know they’re going to get thrown out of office in November and that the border crisis is one of the reasons why.

He also said that if Ukrainians who might be more likely to vote Republican start flooding the border, they’ll be turned away like the Cuban refugees were a few months ago.

FOX News reports:

Victor Davis Hanson predicts Biden will seal the southern border under these 2 conditions

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Historian Victor Davis Hanson told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” there could be reasons behind the Department of Homeland Security’s move seeking volunteers to help manage the flood of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border.

Recent polling suggests as many as 50 percent of Hispanic voters are more inclined to vote Republican on generic ballots, Hanson said Friday, which could doom Democrats’ midterm prospects.

Many Hispanic-American voters in border states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are not happy with the open-borders policy and its effect on their communities, he added.

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He pointed to the administration’s previous stance toward deporting Cuban migrants who seek to enter Florida through its wide maritime border.

Cuban-Americans who have personally or whose families have fled Communism are often a reliably conservative voting bloc, compared to other migrant groups that come by land through the southern border.

The DHS’s reported call for volunteers, Hanson said, is “shorthand” for the White House’s realization “they blew [the border] up” — but “because they’re ideologues, they do have a problem with losing power because [the border] is one issue Americans care very deeply about.”

Watch the video below:

Hanson’s analysis is perfect.

All the Democrats care about is staying in power. It’s so obvious.


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