Victor Davis Hanson: ‘These People Are Not Democrats, They’re Revolutionaries’ (VIDEO)

Conservative scholar and historian Victor Davis Hanson recently appeared on FOX News and made some predictions for the 2022 midterms.

He suggested that Democrats are going to suffer major losses in the elections and then he went a little further.

He said that rather than moderating their positions, Democrats would go out in a blaze of glory like revolutionaries.

FOX News has details:

Democrats will choose to ‘go down to glorious defeat as revolutionary’: Hanson

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson predicted that the Democratic Party will “go down to glorious defeat as revolutionary” Thursday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

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Hanson told host Jesse Watters that Democrats are “at the end of the hallway and there’s only three doors out.”

Door A is to play the role of “glorious revolutionaries” who “would rather be wrong with Marx and socialism than right with moderation.”

Door B is to “get dirty and mean” by bringing lawsuits and targeting former President Donald Trump and Jan. 6.

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Door C is “the Dick Morris 1995 to ’96 remake of Bill Clinton,” Hanson said. “And suddenly we’ll hear about night basketball and school uniforms, 100,000 police officers.”

“But the problem with the third is that these people are not Democrats; they’re revolutionaries,” he continued. “And what the rational, logical answer is sitting there for everybody to see doesn’t mean they’re going to take it. They’re emotional and … again, they would rather be wrong and pure than right and moderate.”

Watch the video below:

Hanson is likely correct about this, he usually is.

Either way, Democrats are heading for a historic drubbing of their own making.


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