Virginia Rally To Support Second Amendment Is Completely Peaceful – Democrats And Media Hardest Hit

Since taking power in Virginia, Democrats have been pushing for gun control.

As a result, freedom loving American patriots gathered near the statehouse for a pro-Second Amendment rally.

It was completely peaceful, despite ridiculous lies spread by the liberal media.

News Busters has a roundup:

FAKE NEWS: CNN, MSNBC Spread Fear of ‘White Nationalists’ Causing ‘Violence’ in Virginia

After a peaceful Monday rally by Second Amendment activists in Richmond, Virginia, CNN and MSNBC deserved thoughts and prayers seeing as how their fear-mongering about “violence” a la Charlottesville by “thousands” of “heavily armed” “guns rights activists, white nationalists, militia groups swarming” the Capitol fizzed into puddles of lies.

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MSNBC Live host Craig Melvin needed perhaps the most sympathy, given his hour of attacks on those in attendance. Repeatedly, he bashed the event by placing peaceful attendees alongside “militia groups” and “white nationalists” to tar and feather it as one of hate with “fears of a dangerous confrontation.”

MSNBC colleague Andrea Mitchell also stated that “Virginia residents praying today’s rally at the State capitol is not a repeat of the horrible 2017 Charlottesville disaster” and suggested that Second Amendment activists were synonymous with those who clashed (with Antifa) in Charlottesville.

See the video below:

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In reality, things were very different.

The crowd was very diverse:

People cleaned up after themselves:

And it was completely peaceful:

Democrats and the media were hoping this would be a disaster.

Responsible, law abiding patriots proved them wrong.



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