Vulnerable House Democrats Already Starting To Panic About 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats are already starting to freak out about the 2022 midterms because they know what’s coming.

The DCCC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is the arm of the party that’s supposed to help elect Democrats to the House, but some members think they are focused on all the wrong things.

It’s causing some in-fighting at exactly the wrong time.

Breitbart News reports:

Vulnerable Democrats Sound the Alarm over Dysfunctional Campaign Arm: ‘This Is a Real F*cking Problem’

Vulnerable House Democrats residing in battleground districts have started to publicly show their frustration with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the “leadership” of chairman Rep. Sean Partick Maloney (D-NY).

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Vulnerable Democrat members frustrated over potentially losing in the midterms recount their frustration with the DCCC — the sole job of which is to reelect incumbents and help elect members to vacant seats — and Chairman Maloney — the top Democrat tasked with keeping their House majority. This happened as the committee reportedly “asked vulnerable Democrats to send [Politico] Playbook positive statements about Maloney.”

In an attempt to summarize all the problems between vulnerable members and the committee, one of the Democrats told Playbook anonymously, “This is a real fucking problem.” The same member added, “The Democratic organization whose purpose is to help the party keep the House next year is instead hurting their chances of reelection.”

Additionally, the member argued that the messaging from the committee is terrible, referring to Maloney and the committee targeting former President Donald Trump and blasting Republicans, instead of addressing “pocketbook issues,” which is what happened in Virginia.

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It sounds like Democrats are suffering from some disarray.

If Democrats think things are bad now, just wait until next November.


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