The Wall Street Journal has already published an editorial in favor of confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. They were apparently moved by his testimony at Thursday’s hearing.

Here’s an excerpt via FOX News:

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Confirm Kavanaugh — He rightly called out the politics of ‘search and destroy’

Thursday’s Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination was an embarrassment that should have never happened. Judge Kavanaugh was right to call the confirmation process a “disgrace” in his passionate self-defense, and whatever one thinks of Christine Blasey Ford’s assault accusation, she offered no corroboration or new supporting evidence.

Ms. Ford certainly was a sympathetic witness—by her own admission “terrified” at the start and appearing to be emotionally fragile. Her description of the assault and its impact on her was wrenching. She clearly believes what she says happened to her. Her allegation should have been vetted privately, in confidence, as she said she would have preferred. Instead ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein held it for six weeks and it was leaked—perhaps to cause precisely such a hearing circus.

Republicans will be making a huge mistake if they don’t get this done. So many people are rightly disgusted by the way Democrats handled this. Confirm Kavanaugh now.


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