WALLS WORK NOW? Huge Barrier Built Around Capitol Building In DC (VIDEO)

Many of our leaders in Washington have spent the last four years insisting that walls don’t work, that walls aren’t necessary, and that walls are even racist.

Now just days after the protest in Washington, DC, these same people have put up a wall around the U.S. Capitol.

Why do they need a wall? They told us we don’t need one.

PJ Media reports:

Congress Admits Walls Work, Builds Massive Fence Around Capitol Hill

After telling us for more than four years that “walls don’t work,” the Democrats in charge of everything have discovered the usefulness of physical barriers to keep unwanted people from breaching borders. That’s right, the Capitol is now surrounded by seven-foot-tall “unscalable” fencing to ensure that The People don’t set foot anywhere near the People’s House again, after some maniacs broke in—no thanks to Capitol Police, who appeared to abandon their posts.

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It’s hard to watch, but wait for the end, when police just walk away, when holding out for two more minutes would have seen the SWAT team appear and save the day. Instead, they left the rioters to their berserking and a woman was killed in the process.

The riot was quelled fairly quickly after law enforcement shot Ashli Babbitt, who unwisely attempted to leap through a broken window into a restricted area that the police had abandoned moments earlier. After the Capitol was so quickly shut down by protesters, Congress—many of whom dedicated their lives to opposingTrump’s wall on the Southern Border—quickly erected their own wall to keep the unsavory folks out.

See the video below:

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Doesn’t this seem a little hypocritical?

Walls for me but not for thee.


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