WaPo Compares Trump Supporting Roseanne Character To Bigot Archie Bunker – Roseanne Fires Back

From the moment Roseanne Barr announced that her character in the new reboot of her show was a Trump supporter, you just knew the liberal media would have a problem with it. They can’t tolerate anything that makes Trump supporters look like the normal Americans that they are.

Now that the show is coming out, a Washington Post writer has compared Roseanne’s character to Archie Bunker.

News Busters reports:

WashPost Compares Trump-Supporting Roseanne Revival to Bigot Archie Bunker

The Washington Post on Tuesday looked at the upcoming revival of the classic ’90s sitcom Roseanne. Because it’s been announced that the character of Roseanne is a Trump supporter now, the Post’s Hank Stuever compared her to ‘70s bigot Archie Bunker.

The article’s headline screamed: “Rebooted Roseanne is a proud ‘deplorable.’ Can she be the Trump era’s Archie Bunker?” Stuever linked:

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That Roseanne Conner is now a proud “deplorable” should come as no surprise, nor is it a surprise that some of Roseanne’s loved ones oppose her politics, just as Archie Bunker was hectored by his daughter and son-in-law during the Nixon years.

Roseanne fired back on Twitter. See the two tweets below:

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Good for Roseanne. Wait until the ratings for her show go through the roof. Then the media will be in a real panic.


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