Warren Backtracks On GOP Tax Bill: I’m Glad Companies Are Giving Bonuses To Workers (AUDIO)

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren was completely against the tax reform bill. But now that it’s already having positive effects for so many people, she is back tracking a little.

Townhall reports:

Warren Eats Crow On GOP Tax Bill: Hey, I’m Glad Companies Are Giving Bonuses To Workers

Democrats spent weeks beating up the GOP tax bill. It’s Armageddon. It’s a giveaway to the wealthy. The polling reflected it. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and ex-Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) were so sure that companies would never share the money saved through tax breaks…

Still, when it comes to tax policy, the GOP is pretty much united. With just Republican votes, the legislation, the most extensive tax reform in 30 years, passed. Companies then started giving workers bonuses, with calls to increase philanthropic giving and boost U.S. investment. In all, the Democratic Party was left eating crow as over 100 companies have now given their workers bonuses of at least $1,000 or more. Now, Warren is backtracking.

“Look, I am glad when I read that there are companies that have given out $1,000 in bonuses. There are companies that say they’re going to re-work some of their benefit plans…I’m in favor of all of that. I want to see working families do better—you bet,” she said recently. So, then why did you vote against the bill?

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Listen to the audio below:

She’s such a hypocrite!


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