Washington Insider Says McCabe Was All About Protecting Comey “At All Costs”

Ari Fleischer worked for the George W. Bush administration. He is claiming in a new column that Andrew McCabe, who was recently ousted at the FBI, was interested in protecting James Comey at all costs.

He writes at The Hill:

My experience with Andy McCabe: No criticizing James Comey allowed

I don’t know former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. I’ve never met him. But I was supposed to. I was in an FBI car last June on my way to meet him and other top law enforcement leaders at a counterterrorism communications training event at the 9/11 Museum in New York City when McCabe suddenly ordered me not to show up. The car pulled up outside the museum and I was told not to come inside. I took a taxi back to my hotel and went home.

Based on my one and only experience with McCabe, it proved to me that he has a “circle the wagons and protect James Comey at all costs” approach that is inconsistent with the type of behavior our nation should expect from a man who, at the time, was leading the FBI…

He claims McCabe targeted him for appearing on a news show and being slight;y critical of Comey:

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It is McCabe’s right to be close to Comey. It is his right to see Comey as a mentor. But it was wrong of him to retaliate against someone because he didn’t like what they said about Comey on a news show. The FBI I know is better than this.

The swamp protects its own.


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