Washington Post Brings Trump Derangement Syndrome To New Level With Obituary For ISIS Leader

By now, you may have heard that over the weekend, American forces chased down ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi who blew himself up.

For reasonable people, this was seen as a victory for America and a foreign policy win for President Trump.

But our media is so dedicated to their hatred of Trump, that there were examples of media outlets being sympathetic to the terrorist.

Especially the Washington Post.

Townhall reports:

WaPo Faces Backlash Over Vile, Sympathetic Obituary for ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi

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Following the announcement of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death, the Washington Post published an article in their obituary section, detailing his life and how he died. What’s disgusting is the obituary reads like we should be celebrating his life, as if he brought good to the world…

The obituary goes on to detail al-Baghdadi’s “academic life” before he became the leader of the terrorist organization, making him out to be a peaceful Muslim who studied Islamic law. As if that’s supposed to suddenly make kidnapping, raping and beheading innocent people okay. It’s really quite sickening how much of a positive spin this so-called “news organization” is trying to put on the leader of the world’s most infamous terrorist organization.

Just look at their headline:

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And it didn’t end there. Look at the tweets below:

This goes beyond bias.

It’s a form of madness.


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