Washington Post “Conservative” Says Republicans Have Betrayed The Country Defending Trump (VIDEO)

Jennifer Rubin is the supposedly “Conservative” writer at the Washington Post. What’s interesting is that she loves to appear on far left MSNBC and bash Trump and Republicans every chance she gets. In a recent appearance, she even claimed Republicans who have defended Trump betrayed the country.

News Busters reports:

WashPost’s Rubin: Republicans ‘Betrayed Their Country’ by Defending Trump

Appearing as a guest on Thursday’s All In with Chris Hayes, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin declared that Republicans who have defended President Donald Trump “have really betrayed their country.” She went on to similarly assert that Republicans in Congress “seriously are doing a grave injustice to the country.”

During a discussion of Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury , alleging that many who work in the White House believe President Trump is unfit for the office, substitute host Joy Reid alluded to Republicans in Congress who have made similar claims privately, and then posed: “Did it surprise you in any way to find out that same dynamic was in place in the staff in the White House, and even his own family?”

Well, I think what my major takeaway was, is that people have really betrayed their county. They know the person sitting with the nuclear codes with his finger literally on the button — as he keeps telling us — is unfit for the presidency, that he’s mentally unfit, temperamentally unfit, and yet they kind of prop him up and push him out there and pretend that everything is okay — and everything is not okay.

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Watch the video:

Is she insane?


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