Washington Post Criticizes Its Own Ridiculous Story On Trump

Everyone knows the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper. What no one did know, was that they would contract a horrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome right after the election and become one of his most unhinged critics.

When Confederate statues became an item in the news recently, the Post published a column that bent over backwards to tie Trump to the controversy. It was so unfair that now they’re getting called out by one of their own writers.

Erik Wemple sets the record straight:

The Post’s bizarre story on President Trump and a statue of Robert E. Lee at Antietam

As a general proposition, government flacks who attempt to shout down a reporter’s story don’t merit much heed. Their job, after all, is to spin defenses for some ill-advised policy or some embarrassing gaffe by their boss.

Yet Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift had a point when she was quoted in a Post article this week. “Absolutely ridiculous,” she said in a piece by Justin Wm. Moyer headlined, “Trump donation will help restore historic home near Confederate statue.”

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There’s no factual problem with that headline, nor with any of the other facts cited in the piece. The issue is proximity, both physical and thematic.

In the spring, President Trump announced the donation of his first-quarter presidential salary to the National Park Service, which would decide on its own how to spend the money. On July 5, NPS announced that the Trump donation, coupled with other gifts — $263,545 in all — would fund restoration of the historic Newcomer House on the Antietam battlefield, as well as “underwrite” replacement of rail fencing along Hagerstown Turnpike. There the story seemed to end.

Then came Charlottesville in mid-August, with its KKK and neo-Nazi regiments, not to mention a debate over the merits of monuments to Confederate figures. Trump tweeted his views on the topic:

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Read the whole thing.

In a nutshell, Trump’s donation had nothing to do with a Confederate statue, but one of the Post’s writers tried to make it look that way.

You know media bias is bad when papers get called out by their own writers!


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