Washington Post Defends Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Drunk Driving

We have gotten to the point where liberals in media are sticking up for illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. In this case, the Washington Post is running cover for an illegal immigrant caught driving drunk.

The Daily Caller reports:

Washington Post Runs Cover For Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant

The Washington Post published a profile on an illegal immigrant Wednesday that downplayed his two drunk driving charges.

The headline of the piece focused on the illegal immigrant’s work as a dance teacher, stating, “He taught lawyers, vets and more how to ballroom dance. Now his students are trying to save him from deportation.”

Galtsog Gantulga, affectionately referred to by dance students as ‘G,’ was allowed into the United States through the Delayed Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program. However, Gantulga lost his DACA status after he was caught drunk driving in 2016. Twice.

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In the first incident, Gantulga hit a parked car. He reportedly fled the scene of the second.

The Washington Posts’ profile downplays Gantulga’s illegal actions — which could have seriously harmed or killed someone — and instead focuses on his students trying to save their “gifted” dance teacher from deportation.

“But the ballroom dancers say Galtsog Gantulga is a gifted instructor who senses when his students need to talk or want to dance but are too shy to take the initiative,” author Maria Sacchetti writes.

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Will the Washington Post ever write a story about an American citizen caught driving drunk? Of course not. Liberals are just so obsessed with immigration that they are elevating illegals to the level of sainthood.


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