Washington Post Gets Slammed For Unfair ‘Fact Check’ Of Republican Senator Tim Scott

The Washington Post has always been a liberal newspaper, but over the last decade they have really dropped any pretense of even trying to be unbiased.

They regularly come after Republicans aggressively and their latest target is Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Scott has frequently said that his family went ‘from cotton to the Senate’ in a generation. He says it as a way of praising America.

The Washington Post actually ‘fact checked’ him on this.

The Hill reports:

Commentators blast Washington Post fact check on Tim Scott

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An extensive Washington Post fact check into the background of Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), the only Black Republican in the Senate, has drawn fire from critics on the right and the left, with some saying it deliberately downplays the hardship Scott’s family faced after the Civil War.

The piece, written by Glenn Kessler, examined the family history of Scott by using census and property records and the help of historians.

“Who thought this was a good idea?” tweeted CNN commentator and former South Carolina state lawmaker Bakari Sellers (D).

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“What WaPo did to @SenatorTimScott is shameful,” posted Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. “When minorities refuse to be victims, disagree with liberal talking points, and think for ourselves, the media shames us and questions our credibility.”…

Kessler’s piece focused on Scott’s account of his grandfather having to leave school to pick cotton, and was cast as looking into the senator’s political narrative of a rags-to-riches story.

The story’s headline stated “Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to that tale.”

See the tweets below:

The Washington Post should be ashamed over this.

Their bias is beyond the pale.


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