Washington Post Reporter Notes Lack Of Enthusiasm Over Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Announcement (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren announced last week that she is running for president in 2020 but no one seems very excited about it. Even Washington Post reporter Annie Linskey, who has been following Warren’s career for years admitted as much.

Townhall reports:

WaPo Reporter: Lie-A-Watha’s 2020 Run Has Registered A Whopping Zero On The Enthusiasm Scale

So, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has announced she’s running for president. She’s a hard-core liberal. One of the faces of the progressive left in the Democratic Party. Maybe a tinge (using it very loosely here) more moderate than Bernie Sanders, but still pretty far left. So, there should be hyper-enthusiasm, right? She’s a Democrat, a liberal, and a woman, the three things that are defining the party right now. The future is female supporters must be flocking to her banner, right? Nope.

The Warren wave is registering a whopping zero on the enthusiasm scale, and voters in Massachusetts who know her don’t like her compared to the other Democrats running. On CNN yesterday, host Alisyn Camerota asked Washington Postreporter if the Ready for Warren cohorts are jacked up—and no one is about Warren 2020.

From the NTK Network:

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Linskey noted that during many of Warren’s speeches in 2105, she was often interrupted by people urging her to run for president.

“That sort of enthusiasm…we haven’t detected it much yet,” Linskey said about Warren’s 2020 run.

Watch the video:

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Warren may have missed her chance by sitting out the 2016 election.


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