Washington Post Writer Advises Journalists – Don’t Connect Antifa To Liberals!

The violent thugs of Antifa are part of the Democratic Party’s base but they make liberals look very bad. Some people in media have noticed this and are starting to panic.

One writer at the Washington Post is even advising journalists to make sure they don’t associate Antifa with Liberals.

Take a look at this:

Here’s the best thing the media can do when reporting on ‘antifa’

For many Americans, the first they heard of antifa was last month when a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville burst into the news.

Since then, though, it’s everywhere.

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Trevor Noah did a comic riff on it last week, calling the group the “vegan ISIS.” Sean Hannity’s substitute, Jonathan Gilliam, lumped in Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Charlottesville, with anti-fascists. And The Washington Post’s editorial board suggested the group call itself “profa” because its tactics work against its cause.

Most notably, of course, President Trump denounced Charlottesville violence “on many sides” — equating the neo-Nazis there with the anti-fascists, who say they aim to fight back against the rise of white supremacy and totalitarianism. (With roots in 1930s Europe, antifa’s adherents believe in direct action, including force if they deem it necessary.)

Confusion reigns. But one thing is clear: The term has been quickly weaponized. Blended with some hazy terms like “alt-left,” it became politically useful to the right, and certainly to the president…

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Here’s the important part:

The best thing journalists can do is to relentlessly explain the beliefs, scope and scale of antifa, and to resist conflating it with liberal groups. And most important, to challenge politically motivated efforts to create a false equivalency between antifa and the rising tide of white supremacy. There is no comparison.

Can you imagine someone in media coming to the defense of the Tea Party like that? Of course not, because it never would have happened.


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