Washington Post: Stop Paying Attention To Anthony Weiner (He’s Damaging Hillary)

Anthony Weiner 1

Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weinier has been caught sexting again. His wife, Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and therefore, the scandal threatens to damage Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, the Washington Post wants people to stop talking about it.

That’s the subtext of this story:

Anthony Weiner is gross. Let’s stop paying attention to him.

Ever since he first accidentally sent a picture of his undercarriage to a random woman on Twitter in 2011, I’ve been endlessly entertained by Anthony Weiner.

The errors of the former congressman from New York City were large and repeated — he resigned from Congress in the wake of that first sexting scandal and watched his 2013 candidacy for mayor of New York City blow up amid a second sexting episode. But he was also sorry and not really sorry in compelling ways. He expressed regret on social media and any other venue he could gets his hands on but also never totally went away. The documentary about his disastrous run for mayor — titled “Weiner” — drew rave reviews, including from The Fix’s Philip Bump.

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Weiner was, for all of his flaws or maybe because of them, impossible to take your eyes off. He was totally and completely watchable.

No more. At least not for me…

That’s why I have to hope this is the final chapter in the Weiner saga — or at least the last one we splash on front pages and talk about endlessly on cable TV. It’s now clear that there is something wrong with Weiner — something obsessive and reckless that drives him to this sort of behavior despite being married and having a son. That’s for him to deal with. What we should not — or at least I won’t — do anymore is give him the attention that he clearly craves.

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He can do whatever he wants to himself. Don’t allow Weiner to drag his son into this thing. That should be a move too far. Or at least it is for me.

Translation: Let’s stop talking about this potentially damaging story for Hillary.

If this scandal touched the Trump campaign in any way, do you think anyone in media would be suggesting everyone stop talking about it? Please.


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