WATCH: Awkward Moment When The Trumps Brought The Obamas A Gift They Didn’t Expect (VIDEO)

When the Trumps arrived at the White House for the traditional Inauguration Day tea, Melania Trump brought something with her.

In a sign of graciousness to the previous First Family, Melania brought a gift.

The gift was a box wrapped in paper with a bow.

Apparently, the Obamas didn’t expect to get a gift from the Trumps on Inauguration Day.

At first, Michelle Obama looked to the saluting Marines to hand off the gift.

Then, Barack Obama took the present.

Watch (via Fox Business):

Usually, a White House staffer would be there to take care of gifts.

Where was the staff? Are they already gone?

Finally, Barack Obama took the gift to someone off camera.

And the two couples posed for a picture:

Despite the awkwardness, everyone is in good spirits.

And apparently, Obama left a gift for Trump:

It’s a day to celebrate!

The White House welcomes the new First Family!

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