WATCH: ‘Bikers For Trump’ ROLL INTO WASHINGTON For Inauguration (VIDEO)

Rolling thunder!

Today, Bikers For Trump rolled into Washington, D.C. to support Trump’s inauguration.

Here are videos and pictures of their arrival. First, crossing the Key Bridge into Georgetown:

Also, in Georgetown:

What’s their purpose?

Their leader says they will provide a “wall” if anything gets out of hand:

Watch the video:

There you go!

And, here’s a couple of bikers at the Capitol building.

If you look closely, you can see they have a leather vest for Mike Pence.

It says “Vice President” on the lapel:

Congratulations to these bikers and all the other “deplorables” on Trump’s victory.

It’s time to celebrate!

Update: Hannity will have them on his show tonight!

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