WATCH: Bill Whittle SLAMS Jill Stein And Hillary Over Recounts ‘YOUR FINAL DISGRACE’ (VIDEO)


Conservative commentator Bill Whittle took Hillary and Jill Stein to the woodshed in a recent video over the recounts in Wisconsin and other states.

Here’s a partial transcript via Truth Revolt:

Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Hillary’s Final Disgrace

Well, as I write this, the Clinton campaign has decided to join in the three-state election re-count launched by Jill Stein, who, like all communists, is eager to raise a lot of money – around seven million dollars, so far. That means that Jill Stein has raised twice as much money to RECOUNT votes as she did trying to get them in the first place.

Now of course, any ADDITIONAL money raised by Jill Stein she gets to keep; my guess is that will result in a few VERY well-paying jobs to keep these socialists rolling in the cash they didn’t earn.

This kind of petty money-grubbing and grandstanding is the left wing doing what it does best: childishly running around stomping and screaming for attention at a dinner party for intended for adults.

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So why did Hillary Clinton decided to attach her name, her campaign’s name, and the Democratic party brand to this foolishness. Why?

Watch the whole thing:

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Whittle is exactly right.

This is nothing more than an attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s election victory.

Plus some fundraising for the Green Party.



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